False Negative On Std/herpes Blood Tests?


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False Negative On Std/herpes Blood Tests?

Though my blood and urine have tested negative for all STDs, including HSV-1 and 2, I recently had an outbreak in my genital area. My doctor indicated that I could have been a carrier of the herpes virus without ever having had an outbreak. She also said that without having had an outbreak, my blood would have no antibodies by which a blood
test would reveal the HSV. In other words, the doctor was suggesting that I could have had HSV for some time but that a blood test would offer a false negative if I'd never had an outbreak.

Is this true/possible? If so, could I have been getting false negatives on my HSV-2 blood tests all this time?


My bottom line when it comes to herpes testing is to request an IgG and IgM test as the tests of choice.   You can conceivably have a negative IgM if you did not have a "recent exposure" but the IgG would be positive at any point during the herpes process.   There are rare false negatives on these tests - there may be far more false negatives when using some of the other tests available.

So the kind of test you take would be a key to knowing whether you had HSV2. What typically happens is you don't go for testing until you have a rash outbreak, which explains why so many people are carriers, infecting others unknowingly, because without a rash, they typically don't get tested. Once the rash happens, they test positive - but they may have been harboring the virus for some time.

Remember stress and other factors sometimes contribute to finally having an outbreak.  I'd simply see a doctor as a couple to have the full ramifications of the virus explained.

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Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.