False Positive Thc Urine Test From Protonix?


Asked by Caligirl

False Positive Thc Urine Test From Protonix?

I am freaking out! I am a professional and just got a great job and moved 1500 miles to start it. I go in to take a urine drug screen and it comes back positive for THC (marijuana). Problem is that I don't use it, haven't been around any one that has and the level at which it was found on the second test indicates chronic daily usage. Then I started to do some research on line. I see a few people having the same concern about Protonix. I don't know where to go from here. I will be fired if I have another positive drug test and I feel helpless to control the results, even though I control my personal behavior. I am currently taking 40mg Protonix in the morning and again at night and have done so for several years due to stomach ulcers and GERD. I also take 200mg Buprorion SR (Wellbutrin) daily and sometimes take Ibuprofen for pain. Can anyone advise me? Thanks.


Thanks for your question.

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