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Being a wife and mother of four by the time you're 18-years-old is tough enough; accomplishing  this with Migraines is almost unimaginable. But Loretta Lynn did just that. Loretta Webb was born on April 14, 1934, in the Appalachian coal mining town of Butcher Hollow, Kentucky. Her father was a coal miner who worked hard, long, dangerous hours to put food in the stomachs and clothes on the backs of his large  family. Loretta Webb was the second born out of eight children.  Crystal Gayle, Loretta's half-sister, is also a singer  and performer.

Loretta was 13 when she married Oliver "Doolittle" Lynn, a man she met at a pie social and had known for little over a month. About a year into their marriage, looking for job opportunities other than coal mining, they relocated to Washington State. The Lynn's settled in Custer, Washington, and their family grew. It was then that "Doo" really heard Loretta's voice and knew she had potential. He purchased a guitar so she could start practicing.

Raising a growing family of four, then six, left little time in Loretta's life for practice, but somehow, she managed to squeeze it in. She began singing locally and on the radio, but it wasn't until Norm Burley heard her sing on a televised talent show competition that her music career really began to take off. Burley was so impressed with Loretta's talent that he started a record label just for her - Zero Records...

You can read more about this amazing woman and what she accomplished despite Migraines in _Famous Migraineurs: Loretta Lynn _.

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