Famous Migraineurs - Terrell Davis

by Nancy Harris Bonk Patient Expert

Terrell Davis -- Denver Bronco and Migraineur

Migraine disease affects nearly 36 million people in the United States. It does not discriminate by age, race, or social status. You may be a third-grade teacher, firefighter, stay-at-home mom, construction worker, someone's favorite grandma or grandpa, secretary, or an NFL star but still have one thing in common: Migraine disease.

Terrell Davis is one such famous Migraineur. Born in San Diego, California, on October 28, 1972, Davis began his love of football when he played for a local Pop Warner league at seven years old. Unfortunately that's when his Migraine attacks started too. He continued to play football through high school, excelling at many different positions. Davis received a scholarship from University California at Long Beach for a year, then transferred to University of Georgia, when the football program was eliminated at Long Beach. The Denver Bronocs picked him in the sixth round and he went on to be one of the best playoff running backs in NFL history.

Davis hasn't let Migraines stop him. During the first quarter of Super Bowl XXXII, playing for the Denver Broncos, he was hit hard and left the field with a towel draped over his head. The Migraine that was developing made the sunlight exceedingly hard to tolerate, and Davis missed the second quarter. He used Migranal Nasal Spray, an ergotamine Migraine abortive abortive, and was back in the game for the second half. In fact, he scored three touchdowns -- including the winning one -- and the Broncos went on to win the Super Bowl! Davis was named Most Valuable Player.

When famous Migraineurs share this part of their lives they legitimatized Migraine disease. As if to say "If Terrell Davis was sidelined by a Migraine, then they really must be bad!" Being in the public eye allows NFL players, actors or politicians to bring much needed attention to Migraine disease and its lack of effective treatments, research funding, understanding, and compassion.


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