5 Fashion Tips to Reduce Reflux Symptoms

Health Writer

Acid reflux has a variety of causes. In almost all cases, however, clothes that don't fit well can make your symptoms worse. If you have acid reflux, try following these fashion tips to look and feel great throughout your day.

1. Choose loose-fitting belts: In one study, wearing a belt around the waist increased acid reflux following a meal. This most likely happened because the belt put extra pressure on the stomach. However, we know that a belt is sometimes necessary to complete an outfit. If you do need to wear one, choose a style that is loose-fitting or wide. For example, try wrapping a soft silk scarf around your waist instead of a tight-fitting leather belt.

2. Discover athleisurewear: Not long ago, it was forbidden to wear your workout clothes outside of the gym. Today, it is perfectly acceptable to spend all day in exercise gear without people thinking any less of you. Larger department stores now have entire lines of athleisurewear that look good whether you're going to work or running errands. Just be careful to avoid tight-fitting yoga pants, if possible. Instead, choose loose-fitting, soft pants with an adjustable waist.

3. Embrace long shirts and sweaters: Choosing a top that covers your waist can free you up to wear the most comfortable pants possible. Long shirts and sweaters can even allow you to skip the belt and unbutton your pants after a larger-than-planned-for meal.

4. Rock the low-riders: Avoiding clothes that rest on the stomach is key if you have reflux. One thing that works from me is to choose pants (and underwear) that sit lower on my waist to prevent excess stomach pressure. There are many styles that are considered low-riders; some are more tight-fitting, others are more loose.

5. Look like a rower: When I was a college rower, I practically lived in my unisuit. Unisuits are one-piece workout outfits specifically designed not to squeeze the waist of a rower in motion. Today, I wear my unisuits for both rowing and biking. You can also throw a T-shirt on top for a more conventional workout look. Unisuits are great for running, lifting weights, and yoga. Even though they can be a bit pricey, they tend to be extremely long-lasting.

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