Fast food doesn't always save you time

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So, I did it to myself again.

In the hustle and bustle of sick kids, working from home and various other commitments I ran out of time to make a healthy dinner for myself.

I grabbed something somewhat healthy through a drive though and am paying dearly for it today.

The whole morning has been spent with oh-so-fun stomach cramps, acid reflux and abdominal swelling from the unhealthy choice and its salt laden sides.

Even when choosing some of the healthier options on a fast food menu I still often find myself in this same predicament.

My stomach can not tolerate the preservatives, additives, salt and soda that will so often accompany a fast food meal.

I know that a lot of you have found this to be true in dealing with your IBD as well.

My question to you is one that I have posed to myself.

While we all know that the fast food window is a quick alternative in the short term, isn't it more time consuming in the end?

I mean if you spend the next day in pain and unproductive it was hardly worth saving the 30 minutes it may have taken to prepare something at home.

The ironic thing is that I did not feed my children the previously mentioned fast food meal.

They had a meal that I had prepared for them.

I know that two of my kids are also very sensitive tummies so I would never dream of giving them something that might give them pain.

It was not hard to set the time aside to fix them their meal.

Since I was busy I mistakenly chose to use the time that they spent eating to get something else on my list checked off instead of eating with them.

I am here to remind each of you to learn from my mistakes.

Take the time to take care of yourself.

You are doing a service to your children to do so.

If you are doubled over in pain or to weak to care for them it will not help any of you in the long run.

Family meals are important for more than just the physical health of the family.

It is ok to say "no" when you are too busy to take on a new project.

Putting your health first and taking the time to prepare healthy meals will pay dividends in the end.

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