Fast food harms kids’ immune systems

Parents have another reason to steer clear of the fast food drive thru.  British researchers found that children who eat fast food meals at least three times each week are more prone to developing asthma and eczema.

The problem lies in the high saturated fat and trans-fatty acid content of fast food.  These fats can harm a child’s developing immune system, leaving the child more prone to conditions which tend to attack weakened immune systems..

The study found that children in their early teens who ate fast food three or more times a week had a 39 percent increased risk of severe asthma and six- and seven-year-olds had a 27 percent increased risk.  Children who ate at least three servings of fruits and vegetables each week actually cut their risk of asthma and eczema by 11 to 14 percent.

Sourced from: BBC News, Fast-food 'linked to childhood asthma and eczema'