Fat gene linked with melanoma

Researchers at the University of Leeds in the U.K. have found that a gene associated with obesity may also be linked to melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. The research found that a gene called intron 8 – also known as the “fat gene”—appeared to also increase a person’s risk of developing melanoma.

The scientists analyzed the genes of 13,000 people with tumors and 60,000 without, and drew the conclusion that intron 8, previously linked to overeating and being overweight, was more prevalent in patients who developed skin cancer.

This is the first time that the gene has been linked to a disease that is not related to weight or body mass.  Researchers are hopeful that the finding could help lead to the development of more targeted treatments for skin cancer.

Sourced from: BBC News, Fat gene 'linked with skin cancer'