"Fat-talk" makes women less likable

A study from the University of Notre Dame found that women who engage in ‘fat talk’ –they make disparaging comments about their own weight or appearance – are less liked by their peers than women who talk about their bodies in a positive way.

For the study, researchers presented college-aged women with a series of photos of either noticeably overweight or noticeably thin women while engaging in either ‘fat talk’ or positive body talk. Then, they were asked to rate each woman on various personality traits, including how likable each woman seemed to be.

No matter what each woman’s actual weight was, the women who engaged in ‘fat talk’ were rated significantly less likable than women who talked about themselves in a positive way.

Researchers concluded that as innocent as ‘fat talk’ can seem among women, it does have a significant impact on the way women are seen by their peers and friends. Excessive ‘fat talk’, according to the scientists, can also lead to poor self-image and body dissatisfaction.

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Sourced from: ScienceDaily, Nobody Likes a 'Fat-Talker,' Study Shows