FDA Issues Hair Conditioner Warning

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating more than 100 complaints from customers using Wen by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner products. Cosmetics and beauty products are not approved by the FDA, but they are regulated by the Administration.

At this time, the safety alert issued by the FDA does not specify a cause for the reported problems, which include hair breakage, hair loss and balding, itching and rash. A class-action lawsuit against the company that manufactures the hair conditioner was filed in 2015. According to the FDA, the company has received more than 20,000 complaints about the product—a number the company disputes.

As part of the investigation, the FDA is looking at quality testing procedures for the products, as well as whether there have been changes in how they are manufactured. Hair products typically contain thousands of ingredients—some of which can cause an allergic reaction. More research is needed to determine if the complaints are indeed tied to the conditioner.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: NPR, Problems After Using Hair Conditioner Prompt An FDA Warning