Feel Crawling And Pulsating In Vagina Canal, Help Please!


Asked by Mary Ann

Feel Crawling And Pulsating In Vagina Canal, Help Please!

I am seriously so embarrassed to ask this and freaked out right now. Ok, the last few days, after reading many articles on how safe it is to use yogurt to help restore healthy bacteria in the vagina by inserting it down there, I decided to try it. The first couple of days I used a generic store brand, hand no problems, but was informed to recheck the ingredients to be sure it had no additives. Well it did, so I switched to Dannon all natural yogurt. Now, this is really weird, but since I've used it, I've noticed at night only, when laying down, I feel a weird, pulsating-crawling-like feeling in my vagina canal. So I'm really nervous, like I hope there is nothing parasitic really crawling down there! The yogurt wasn't expired ofcourse and the only other thing I've been doing, is rinsing down there with vinegar or 3% peroxide heavily dilluted with water and I also did a acv vinegar douche, because again, these methods have worked for hundreds of women restoring the balance down there and giving freshness from reading articles and message boards.

I already know, ofcourse, I have to get in an appointment to the gyno but that can take up to a week or two, but I am seriously embarrassed and freaking out about this. I tried to look in there, but ofcourse I can only see so far and really don't have anyone that can look up there for me. If there was something parasitic up there, would there be any other symptoms or things I should "look" for? Thanks for reading and please, feel free to laugh, lol.


Hi Mary Ann

No...this is a matter to be taken quite seriously. Know that I am not a doctor but what led to this regime in the first place? Are you experiencing more yeast infections? Clearing out the gut might be way more beneficial that all this douching. How frequently are you doing this and peroxide? I have heard of the vinegar and water douches but I am guessing that what your are feeling is some stinging and skin reaction to what you are doing.

Here is some information about douching:

According to the National Women's Health Information Center, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, research shows that "women who douche on a routine basis tend to have more problems than women who do not douche or who rarely douche." These problems can include infections and vaginal irritation.

I would definitely recommend that you stop doing the douching and any thing else and wait for your appointment.

Sometimes what you think is a yeast infection can be something else including vaginosis, an STD, or an allergic reaction. You have to know what you are dealing with before you treat it and a doctor is the best person to diagnose you. If it is a yeast problem, diet does come to play in this. I was taking probiotics to help. If it is a bad case sometimes they will prescribe Diflucan.

I highly doubt that you have some crawling down there. I think your skin just needs a rest from your douching. Wait for the doctor! They will be able to help you.

Thank you for your question and let us know how things go!

You should know: The answer above provides general health information that is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment recommendations from a qualified healthcare professional.