How Do You Feel About Donating Blood?


Asked by MigrainePuppet

How Do You Feel About Donating Blood?

Anytime one of my doctors prescribes a new medication for me, I ask them if I will still be able to donate blood. So far, they always answered yes. However, sometimes I start to question if I really should donate given that I do take prescription medications for Migraines and I question if I really should.

I don't want to give anyone my blood if it would give them an adverse affect to my blood, but I feel the blood banks screen blood pretty well and would not give it to the wrong person either. At times, I fear I take too simplistic of a view of this.

Do you donate blood or how do you feel about donating blood if you are taking daily medications for Migraines?


Hi MigrainePuppet,

I think the correct answer would come from the blood bank itself. I'm going to give my local Red Cross a call in the moring and find out what they say about it and let you know

How I "feel" about giving blood is another story. I would like to give blood, but usually don't because I tend to be one of those really, really wimpy, passy, outy people all day loing .


Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk