Feel Like I Am Being Strangled


Asked by Khoole

Feel Like I Am Being Strangled

my neck feels like I am being strangled and I very occasionally get a crushing chest pain. I have recently developed headaches and gt them on most days. I also have very sore feet (underneath to the front on each side) but not sure iof this is linked. 2 Docs have told me I am having panic attacks but I dont feel stressed. My heart rate is normal as is my BP. In addition to all this I have aches in other parts of my body (shoulder and arms - not bad just a nagging ache). Some days I just feel exhausted and others I seem just fine. Please help as I am concerned about my heart!!!!


If you haven't yet seen a cardiologist and had your heart thoroughly checked out, that would be my first recommendation. If you've done that and heart problems have been ruled out, you might talk with your doctor about fibromyalgia. Some FM patients report having severe chest pain from time to time, and many of your other symptoms fit the FM profile as well. But anytime chest pain is involved, it's important to first check for possible heart problems before looking for other causes.

If you'd like to read more about fibromyalgia, here's a link to our FM section: http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pain/fibromyalgia.html

Answered by Karen Lee Richards