Can You Feel Your Uterus When You're Not Pregnant?


Asked by Sugarsugapie90

Can You Feel Your Uterus If Your Not Pregnant? Or Can You Only Feel It When You Are Pregnant?

I was wondering where the uterus was because I feel like this ball or lump like object a few inches or so past my belly button. Like it gets hard like around menstruation, but rather than that its soft like. I was wondering if that was normal and also is it normal to feel flutters in that area when there isn't gas being past?


Hi there

Are you concerned about pregnancy?

It sounds like you want more information about the female anatomy.

Here some good information from Planned Parenthood and there is a section about the uterus to read.

And here is an image of the uterus for you to look at.

It would be very difficult for any of us to know what you are feeling so if you have concerns please do go to your doctor for guidance.

Thank you for your question.

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