Why Do I Worry so Much When There Is Nothing to Worry About?


Asked by Leopardos

I Feel Worried/uncomfort All The Time But There Is Nothing To Worry About

Hello ,

I'm 22 years old. My case "as i see it" very simple .. but it's really annoying me and i feel very bad. I'm single, I have a very cool family, friends, work mates, educated, my look is perfect, which people tell me i should work as a model... Everyone I meet/know LOVES me, i have no enemies, I didn't get into a single fight in my entire life, and im sure there is "0" person in this world hates me!

But there is something inside me drives me crazy which is I WORRY all the time especially when I sit alone/go to smoke in the garden since my family don't like the cigarette smell. And when I throw myself to bed thinking, I feel discomfort inside and think about things that aren't true or no need to think about, or doesn't exist at all. That's gonna make me crazy :( I have no troubles at work/home, I have nothing to worry about...
As i remember this started when I was 20 years old... I had a work and then left for college. I was going to college 2 days a week .. so I was helping my dad in the supermarket when I had nothing to do, but not that much.

I was spending my time lets say "as I believe" as a gamer and "lifeless" i was crazy about PC games, I was playing a very addictive game. I was playing it 8 hours and sometimes much more a day...at that time, I didn't go with my friends out to have fun a lot and not as I used to. I just went ignoring people all the time, the game was my life, and I was thinking of it also at work or when im with friend having fun I just couldn't get it out of my mind, and here I am now. I don't play it any more, and I always go out and have fun... but I feel there is something wrong inside me. I worry too much but there is nothing to worry about. When I was 18-20 years old, i had a lot a lot, a lot of friends... When I used to walk in the streets or in my neighborhood, i just was hearing people yelling, "Hey, my friend!" "Come visit us!" and 40% of them I don't really know personally, let's say friends of friends of of friends.

After this 2 years I feel something changed in my relation with people. I feel that I lost something in my personality, let's say something like 10-20% which I don't know what is it or why, but it's not the thing I'm worried of.

If i got over "the game" why should I feel worried or something is wrong inside me? What could I do to stop it? In my life, one thing which I really want is to stop it and feel okey/comfort and not worried all the time for nothing. Here I'm writing and I feel worried, why? I don't know.

There must be something which makes me worry, and I can't know what is it because when I feel worried I don't think about special or specific thing. I would be glad to hear suggestion from you to help me out, and tell me if you need more details which could help.

Thanks and sorry for "bad English."



Worry is a normal part of life but if you are constantly worrying to the point that it is bothering you or interfering with your daily life, it may be time to talk with a professional. Talking with a counselor or therapist can be helpful and may help you find effective strategies for dealing with your worrying.

You should know: The answer above provides general health information that is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment recommendations from a qualified healthcare professional.