Feel Good, Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

We all know that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for us and are an important part of a healthy diet. Now, a recent study shows that, not only can they help keep our bodies healthy, but they also can help keep our minds happy.

According to this interesting research, adding servings of fruits and vegetables to the diet—up to 8 servings a day—can increase feelings of happiness and overall satisfaction with life the equivalent of going from being unemployed and looking for work to finding gainful employment. The study showed that these “mood benefits” occur within 2 years—much faster than most “physical benefits” of improving the diet.

More research is needed, but increased feelings of happiness may be related to the antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown a connection between optimism and higher blood levels of the antioxidant carotenoid.

Sourced from: ScienceDaily, Fruit and veggies give you the feel-good factor