Feeling A Lump


Asked by Scared Mom of Two

Feeling A Lump

I thought I felt a lump today in the shower, but when I layed down to do an exam I didn't feel it? Also, I felt my other breast in the shower and it was lumpy in the same exact place and my other breast but on the other breast it just felt bigger? IS there a reason for that and also, why didn't I feel it when I was laying down? I think I am just really nervous cause I have a mammo soon and since My Aunt now has breast cancer I know my risks are a bit higher now that she has it. Thanks


Hi - Your risk of breast cancer isn't increased by your aunt having it, so don't worry about that; only if you have two second-degree relatives (two aunts, aunts and grandmother, etc.); or one close relative (mother, sister, or daughter) diagnosed before age 50 is your risk increased. Many women feel lumps in their breast; they might be harmless fibroadenomas (a tissue overgrowth), cysts, or even scar tissue. Breast cancer is probably the least likely cause for lumps; please read our breast lump FAQS for lots of helpful information. Good luck with your mammogram - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel