Feeling Of Weakness Through My Entire Left Arm


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Feeling Of Weakness Through My Entire Left Arm

Over the last week I've noticed my left arm feels weak. Like I've been through a heavy exercise the feeling is most noticeable at the joint but extends to my finger tips. I don't really use my left arm in strenuous ways what could this be? There seems to be no noticeable diffrence in the arms actual strength its just a feeling of weakness I'm 29 years old, pretty active non smoker right handed and so my left arm rarely undergoes the strenuous sharp movments my right arm does


Any number of conditions could be causing the problem. The most worrisome include vascular or nervous system diseases. A complete examination of the arm would provide more clues. This exam would include blood pressure and pulse in the left arm, compared to the right arm. Additionally, strength testing and evaluation of other components controlled by the nerves in the arm. Ultimately, an electrodiagnostic test may be necessary to get a more detailed picture of how the nerves are functioning. This condition may also be related to something as simple as a rotator cuff injury too. If you are having any other symptoms like fevers, weight loss or numbness, please see a doctor sooner rather than later to have the arm examined. That is your next step to a solution. Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

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