Feels Like A Hole Underneath My Right Breast


Asked by cocopops

Feels Like A Hole Underneath My Right Breast


When I lie down and examine my breasts my right breast under the nipple feels like there is a hole in it. It concaves and doesn't bounce back like the other breast, its really obvious when I like down, when I stand up to do an examination my right breast looks dimpled underneath my breast and on the top my veins are bulging. I had an examination by a breast specialist last month and he said he was concerned about my right breast and am going for a mammogram and ultra sound next week.

He never mentioned what could be causing this so I am wondering if perhaps you could tell me what could possibly cause this to occur.



Unfortunately, if a breast specialist can't tell you what's causing this, and decides to do more diagnostic tests; then we wouldn't be able to even hazard an educated guess, since we're simply breast cancer survivors here, not doctors. My suggestion is to carry through with the testing, so you can rule out cancer; then if necessary, have it treated. Since you're being seen by a breast specilist, you're getting the best care possible - go with it! Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel