Why do I Have feet and Ankle Swelling After Back Surgery?


Asked by alimay

Feet And Ankle Swelling Several Weeks After Having Back Surgery

foot and ankle swelling 4 weeks after having lower back surgery. On niov 18th I had a spinal fusion of L4-5 in Ohio, flew back to florida on dec 15th, 2 days later my feet and ankles started dwelling, I have tried to keep them elevated but by morning it starts all over again. what is doing this and why


Flying may have also contributed some to the swelling. Every time I fly, my feet and ankles swell. It usually takes several days of staying off my feet (preferably lying down) as much as possible to get them back to normal.

If you've been staying off your feet and the swelling still hasn't improved any, check with your doctor to make sure there's not another cause.

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