28 Female, Chest Pain, Low Blood Pressure, Fatigue, Weakness


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28 Female, Chest Pain, Low Blood Pressure, Fatigue, Weakness

Always have had low blood pressure, 3 years ago it became symptomatic and included chest pain, fatigue, weakness. A cardiogram picked up on a mitral valve prolaps but 3 years later a different cardioligist says it is not there. Don't know how it would just deside to disappear. Doctor's can't figuer out the cause of these symptoms though they are increasingly getting worse and having a major impact on my life. My grandfather has grown up experiencing chest pain, my uncle experienced chest pain and his doctor's rushed him in looking for a blockage but found the muscles around his heart where spasaming and crushing his artoreis and heart. They placed him on a muscle relaxer to help prevent the muscle spasms. Could this be a genetic muscle disorder that the doctors might not have thought of yet?


Hi Looking for help,

I don't have an answer for you unfortunately, but heart disease can be genetic. If both your uncle and grandfather have had problems, I encourage you to explain their situations to your cardiologist and ensure that the doctor rule out the possiblity that you have the same issues as one or both of them. .

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Monica M. Skidmore, MS, RD