Fentanyl Does Not Show In Urine Test


Asked by carol

Fentanyl Does Not Show In Urine Test

I had a drug screen at the pain clinic a few days ago and they called me today to tell me that Fentanyl didn't show in my test and asked me what I've doing with the patches. I've been using my patches according to doctor's orders and I don't know why it didn't show. I don't like the fact that the nurse is accusing me of using my patches in an illegal way; I'm a police officer and I have 38 years on the job I will not allow anybody to jeoperdize my job and my income. Why wouldn't Fentanyl show in the urine test? Please give me an answer I can throw at her. Thank you.


Hi Carol -

I know this is an old question, but I was wondering what happened with this and if you got an answer from your doctors about why the Fentanyl didn't show up in the urine test? I did some research and saw that many people have this problem and also get the same response from their healthcare providers (questions about their use of the drug). The general consensus is that many doctor's offices only do the simplest screening procedure and Fentanyl often won't show on it. You can demand that they do more sophisticated testing such as a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry or blood draw. If you're still taking this medication and haven't requested these tests rather than a simple urine test, you should do that in the future.

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