A Few Months Ago I Started The Chantix But Stopped Because They Made Me Ill I Want To Try Again


Asked by dianna

A Few Months Ago I Started The Chantix But Stopped Because They Made Me Ill I Want To Try Again

and since i have some left i was wondering if i could cut them in half to get the 5mg or do i have to get another starter pack



Thanks for your question. Chantix is a prescription medication that does not contain nicotine. It works by blocking receptor sites that nicotine binds to, therefore preventing the action of the nicotine. The drug is usually started one week prior to the day the patient actually stops smoking. During this initial week the dosage is slowing increased from 0.5 mg (one half milligram) daily for days 1 to 3. Then the patient takes the 0.5 mg tablet twice a day for days 4 to 7. The dosage is then increased to 1 mg (one milligram) twice a day until end of treatment.

Before restarting the medication, you should contact your doctor to let him know of the reaction(s) that occurred as a result of the taking this medication. Your physician will then decide if it is safe to restart the medication again. There is also a possibility that your symptoms were not from the Chantix. Again, your doctor will help sort this out. He might want to see you for a more thorough evaluation.

As far as cutting the pills in half, I suggest you get another starter pack, which will avoid any confusion for that first, most important week. Of course, this is assuming that your physician says it's safe for you to try again. You can always use the larger dose after the first week.

By the way, congratulations on your determination to quit smoking. If Chantix does not work out in your particular case, there are several other methods to choose. In addition to working with your primary care physician, please take advantage of our smoking cessation site with many tips and helpful information.

Good luck and best wishes.

Martin Cane, M.D.