Can Fibrocystic Breasts Cause Enlarged Lymph Node (Axillary)


Asked by Sherry

Can Fibrocystic Breasts Cause Enlarged Lymph Node (Axillary)


Can fibrocystic changes cause an enlarged lymph node? I was told my breasts are very fibrous and I have a lot of pain periodically but also have a 2 cm axillary lymph node. Radiologists says it is benign but my PCP suggested that I see breast surgeon, so I'm going next week.

I am so hoping it is nothing. It is painful much of the time. I can feel the inflammation and sometimes it just throbs. I have had it for about 5 or 6 years (the radiologist said it was there before as well).

Thank you for any advice!


Are they sure it's a lymph node that's enlarged? A lump in your armpit that's painful, and that you've had for 5-6 years without any significant change, is probably either a cyst, or a fibroadenoma (part of fibrocystic change). If it was cancer it would have grown and changed over that time period; in addition, breast cancer tumors are seldom painful. So all signs point to this NOT being cancer. That said, I'd go ahead and have it diagnosed, anyway; there might be something you can do to relieve the pain, once you know what it is. Good luck - PJH

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