Financial Assistance Resources for Medical and Mental Health Services

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One of the most frequent questions we receive here on MyDepressionConnection is how to pay for medical treatment, therapies, and prescriptions when one lacks insurance or funding. Paying for prescriptions is another area of concern for many of our members, not just here on this site, but on all our HealthCentral health communities. Many of us don't just suffer from one medical or mental health condition. Most of our members have multiple health needs which require financial resources. In response to this great need, I got together with some of my colleagues and friends here on HealthCentral to put together a comprehensive list of financial assistance articles and posts. Here you will find a compilation of articles written by our patient experts on how to find funding for either medical or mental health treatment in addition to prescription assistance specific for each health condition. We hope this information can help in some small way for you to get the medical and/or mental health treatment you need.

Disclaimer: HealthCentral is not responsible for the timeliness, functionality, or usefulness of any of the following links. As a patient or consumer, you are responsible for your health and well-being. You may have to read through a dozen articles, make multiple phone calls, or look at many websites in order to find the information you need. You are responsible for reviewing the information provided and ascertain which resources are most helpful for your unique situation.

Financial Resources for Finding Free or Reduced Cost Medical and Mental Health Treatments and Prescriptions: (The following informational articles are listed by health condition.)


Anxiety Disorders

- Mental Health Resources When You Don't Have Health Insurance.


Breast Cancer

Chronic Pain




Multiple Sclerosis



Rheumatoid Arthritis

Skin Cancer  

If anyone has any links to other resources they would like to share to find free or reduced cost medical services or prescriptions we would greatly appreciate your input. Times are tough and we all need to pull together to share what we know and also to lend support to one another. Thank you for your membership and participation on our HealthCentral sites. You are important to us