How Do You Find Facilities That Perform Spect Scans In Nearby Areas?


Asked by courtney

How Do You Find Facilities That Perform Spect Scans In Nearby Areas?

I have been treated via adderol for ADD for approximately 3 years. I have had many other "issues" prior to and following this diagnosis. A recent diagnosis is Bipolar II (what i am told is a "mild" form of bipolar.) I have taken some medications to treat this as well.

Yes, I have gone through counciling off and on for years- since my late teenage years.

I would REALLY like to have a complete and accurate diagnosis so that I know and feel that I am getting the correct treatment.... and not taking unnecessary medications. My ups/downs/ ADD is greatly influencing my everyday life and interfeering with work. I have also had trouble with traffic violations and drink alcohol often to decrease my symptoms.

I have been trying to find a SPECT scan location near Atlanta, ga but keep running into dead ends.... most hospitals, offices, etc, dont even know what Im talking about.

any suggestions?



I'm sorry to hear of your struggles; it does sound like you've tried many things to get things under control.

Dr. Dan Amen, one of the pioneers in SPECTs, has a directory on his website of professionals who work with ADHD. Some of them offer SPECT. Check it out at

If you don't see anyone listed in your area, try calling his office. They've been helpful to me in the past when I've asked for names of clinicians who do SPECT scans outside of Dr. Amen's area. You can find the contact information at his website at

Hope this helps!


PS Dr. Amen's clinics are in California, but I believe he also has one in Virginia.

Answered by Terry Matlen