Find the Best Diabetes Meters

Patient Expert

Finding the best blood glucose meter has just become a little easier for some people who have diabetes.

If you live in the United States, you now have an extensive website that will make the quest easier. The site is part of FindTheBest where you can "Compare Blood Glucose Meters.

FindTheBest provides "unbiased, data-driven comparisons" of everything from smart phones to dog breeds with blood glucose meters somewhere in between. The site does this without any advertising or fee.

How it could survive on this basis seemed remarkable to me. So I asked Conrad Yu, who works in the site's business development unit.

"We stay in business through syndications with partners," he replied. "Syndication means we sell other companies the rights to use our platform," he continued. "For example, take Golf Digest."

FindTheBest hasn't syndicated its comparison of blood glucose meters yet. Conrad didn't ask me to partner with him, and I am sure that I couldn't afford the rate. But I am glad to be able to share this comparison with you directly.

The meter comparison site lets us search and filter by test time, meter memory, price, key features, additional measurements, languages, and other factors. Right now it includes 101 meters from 23 different companies.

This makes it the most extensive directory of blood glucose meters anywhere. In fact it includes several meters from Oak Tree International Holdings, a company that I had never heard of before.

But it's not complete. It lacks two WaveSense meters (the Presto and the KeyNote), two Home Diagnostics meters (the Sidekick and the True Track), the Solus V2 from Biosense Medical Devices, the CareSens N line from i-Sens, and perhaps others. Except for the i-Sens meters, which the company sells mostly through mail-order and wholesale companies and by called the manufacturer at 678-417-5990, offers all of these meters.

This data-mining lacuna is especially strange because almost all of the quite useful pricing information that FindTheBest provides comes from This is an especially strong point of this site because it includes not only meter prices but those of test strips as well.

The biggest lack is an evaluation of the accuracy and precision (or consistency) of each meter. That would, however, be asking for too much, because no one has yet done this in anywhere near a comprehensive or reliable fashion. I would still have liked to see the size of the blood sample that each meter requires. FindTheBest also lacks this data, except where it is sometimes buried in the details.

An interesting feature is the site's ratings of each meter. The basis isn't clear to me, however, except that it includes the ratings from Men's Health for 10 meters.

This extensive comparison of blood glucose meters that all of us need may not answer all our questions. But this FindTheBest site is the best starting point for us to use when we search for a new meter.