Finding Care for Hepatitis C

by Nirah Johnson Patient Expert

You may have just found out you have Hep C, or may have known for years.

Hep C is caused by a virus that can damage the liver. The good news is, Hep C can now be cured in about three months with all oral medications, with few side effects. If you are cured, you are likely to have better health.

Now that Hep C treatments are better, you may be interested in getting into care.

How do you find a doctor who will treat Hep C?

  1. First ask your own doctor, if you have one. Your doctor may treat Hep C, or know of a referral.

  2. Call your insurance company to learn about your options. You can find the member services number on the back of your health insurance card.

  3. If you do not have health insurance, some public hospitals and community health centers provide care on a sliding scale.


Nirah is a clinical social worker and public health professional who has been raising awareness about hepatitis C and liver health in NYC since 2007. She organizes the Hep Free NYC network in NYC. @HepFreeNYC

Nirah Johnson
Meet Our Writer
Nirah Johnson

Nirah Johnson, LCSW, Director of Program Implementation & Capacity Building NYC Health Department, Viral Hepatitis Program serves as the lead organizer of the NYC Hep B Coalition and Hep C Task Force since 2007.