Finger Joint Depressed. What Does This Mean?


Asked by Vanessa Collins

Finger Joint Depressed. What Does This Mean?

I was typing away this evening and noticed my index finger on my right hand felt "funny", just kind of different. I felt the joint with my other hand and felt a depression or space in the joint. I turned on the light and looked at it. You can actually see the depression or space. It is like the joint is separating or something. Strange. I only hurts on the sides, not on the top where the depression is. Both of my index fingers are turned toward my little fingers bon both hands...they aren't straight anymore. I think they call that ulna drift (?). Anyone out there familiar with what I am trying to describe. At least it doesn't hurt a lot! Thanks, V


Hi, Ronie,

I can't find a picture of what my finger looks like. Basically, the joint closest to the end of my finger is swollen and from the joint to the end of my finger is red...kind of looks infected, but it isn't. The indentation or depression is at the joint, and I can see and feel this extra space and indentation in the joint. I showed it to my husband and he sees it too. It is just weird. The end of my finger feels sort of unstable, for lack of a better word. I will show it to the doctor next time I see him, I guess. It is almost like the end of my finger is trying to separate from the rest of my fnger. Very strange. Then again, I've always been strange.

Hope you are doing better than you were last time I talked to you, Ronie. Is the Simponi helping?



Answered by Vanessa Collins