Why Do my Fingers Lock up or Cramp when I'm Holding Something?


Asked by Linda

My Fingers Lock Up When Holding Something, I Have To Pry My Fingers Open,also Leg, Toes. Cramp

I've been having strange cramps that make my hands cramp up, and sometimes I have to pry them open. I've occasionally had the same types of sudden severe cramps in my calves, toes, and neck as well. Does anyone know what might be causing this?


That sounds quite painful! I think you're going to have to see a doctor to resolve this. A number of things can cause cramping, including dehydration (not a problem in your case), altered balance of electrolytes in your system (possible), an undiagnosed case of diabetes or hypothyroidism, vascular disease, a disorder called sarcoidosis, excess alcohol, and vitamin deficiency.

Many of these disorders can be ruled in or out with simple blood tests. In the meantime, make sure you stay hydrated, and you may try taking a multivitamin supplement to see if it helps.

Avoiding the dangers of dehydration

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