First Day At Work, Didn't Turn Up .... Gutted. Anxiety? Advice, Please?


Asked by TheDude

First Day At Work, Didn't Turn Up .... Gutted. Anxiety? Advice, Please?

Hello, any advice appreciated.

I was supposed to start work (a blessing in this market, right?) this morning but backed out due to quite bad anxiety. Basically I feel like I bottled it. Concerns: couldn't do the job well enough (it was a stretch).

The job itself seemed good, but demanding. I'm pretty gutted but made the journey and couldn't do it. Am not sure what the hell happened.

Think it's time I seek help, or what advice do you have. This can't be a normal reaction to starting a job. Thanks :(

Feel like I have an anxiety problem or a career problem, or both. Not sure.



Hi there

Donna gives some very good advice. What are your plans now? Did you offer an excuse for not being there? Can you go back to this job? Or do you not want this job anymore?

It would be hard to say what is going on. Is this a one time event for you or have you had such job related anxiety before? It seems that this type of anxiety over having a new job is not so unusual as we have gotten many questions about this very thing here on this site.

If this anxiety is interfering with your quality of all seek some help. There are effective treatments for anxiety including cognitive therapy and/or medications.

Please let us know how you are doing in the days to come.

Answered by Merely Me