First case of Google Glass addiction?

Doctors at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego believe they've diagnosed the first case of a person addicted toGoogle Glass.

A new study published in the journal Addictive Behaviors reports the case of a 31-year old enlisted service member who checked into the US Navy's Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program over the summer for treatment of alcoholism. But after they had him relinquish all of his electronics, the doctors found that his withdrawal symptoms seemed to be related to his reliance on the Google Glass device, a wearable computer mounted into the headset of a pair of glasses.

The patient told the doctors that he had been wearing the headset for 18 hours a day, removing it only when he bathed or slept.

The patient reported dreams as though he was viewing them through the device, and he also exhibited a symptom where he would repeatedly place his index finger to the right side of his face, as if he was activating the Glass. Without the device, the man seemed to have impaired short-term memory and would lose his train of thought easily.

The study reports that after completing a 35-day residential treatment program, the patient is now following up with outpatient treatment and is experiencing improved memory and reduced withdrawal symptoms.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, First case of 'Google Glass addiction' reported