Fish Oil Causing Elevated Liver Enzymes?


Asked by Sparky22

Fish Oil Causing Elevated Liver Enzymes?

I just returned from my Rheumatologist and my ALT liver enzymes are signifigantly higher than 3 months ago. The only change that I've done is I'm taking 3,000 mg of fish oil a day starting a week after my last blood test 3 months ago. At that time my GP recommended it for high triglicerides. Has anyone else had or heard of this? I know there is a new "drug" out called Lovaza, which is esentially concentrated fish oil and one of the warnings is elevated ALT. I'm taking Enbrel and wellbutrin and vicoprofin. Any thoughts? Thanks.


I did a quick search in Google and found a number of mentions of these liver enzymes increasing in connection with fish oil, so it's possible that the two may be related. I'd recommend you consult a licensed doctor of naturopathic medicine - they specialize in supplements and herbal remedies and often know more about their side effects and interactions with other drugs than your family doctor might. However, in the meantime, you may want to consider stopping the fish oil to see if that helps.

Answered by Lene Andersen, MSW