Five Auras In One Morning!!! What The Heck?


Asked by KC

Five Auras In One Morning!!! What The Heck?

Waiting on my doc to call (all day! not looking good) and need some reassurance since no one I know has been through this. I had 5 auras this morning between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m. Maxalt kept the pain from getting out of hand up until about an hour ago and it's creeping in now but I've had my limit of two pills. I've had two auras in a day, even in rapid succession. But five? Is this common? I'm sure background would help but let's start with the basic question first. I will say, in short, I've had migraines since I was 22 (auras since 27) and am 46. I also have autoimmune disease (Undifferentiated but "lupus-like"). Thank you, KC

another note: I had been aura-free for about a week or so. Only recently started diary so no exact date.



Hi. I've just read through this. Maybe it's time to check into a Migraine specialist. It's important to note that neurologists aren't necessarily Migraine and headache specialists. Take a look at the article Migraine and Headache Specialists - What's So Special? If you need help finding a Migraine specialist, check our listing of Patient Recommended Migraine and Headache Specialists.

I'm really not sure what to say about exercise. If this is "just" Migraine aura, it would probably be safe. On the other hand, one reason we always say to see your doctor if your symptoms change is that you need to rule out other causes of your symptoms.

I'm really sorry you're having such a rough time. Will you please keep us posted?

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Answered by Teri Robert