Five Easy Tricks for Keeping Your Brain Young

You can't stop your body from getting older, but you can take steps to prevent Alzheimer's. Read on for tips about what you can do to keep your brain youthful.

  1. Finish a crossword puzzle. Just like a walk exercises your body, puzzles give your brain a workout. Think how satisfying it is to fill in that last clue.

  2. Pick up a book. Whether it's the latest novel by your favorite author, a new historical work, or a how-to book, reading keeps your brain active and nimble.

  3. Try your hand at bridge. Or if you're already a mean bridge player, keep it up. Card games provide ideal mental exercise as the brain ages.

  4. Become a social butterfly. Well, maybe not a butterfly, but turning off the television and interacting with friends and family will keep your brain young.

  5. Have a brain-healthy diet and exercise plan. This includes eating lots of dark-colored fruits and vegetables which are thought to slow the brain's aging process, limiting fat and alcohol intake, and exercising – which will also keep dangerous stress levels down.

To learn more about how you can prevent Alzheimer's Disease, read our guide to prevention.