Five Gift Ideas for Acid Reflux Families

by Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Writer

5 Gifts for Families

'Tis the season for giving, so if you are looking for the perfect gift for a family caring for an infant or child with acid reflux, here are some ideas to make your (and their) life easier this holiday season.

1)** Pharmacy Gift Card**

Parents who are caring for a baby with reflux are no strangers to their local pharmacy. Between daily reflux medications, frequent sinus and upper respiratory infections, and special formulas, they probably are spending more time than they would like at the drug store. Relieving even a small amount of the financial burden at their next visit to the pharmacy would probably be greatly appreciated.

2)** Slanted Pillow**

A large percentage of individuals with acid reflux have nighttime heartburn. Gravity is one of the ways you can relieve the symptoms. There are several wedge pillows on the market including the MedSlant Pillow available for $69.95 and the Prop Up Pillow starting at $39.99.

3)** Health Food Store Gift Certificate**

Many babies and children with acid reflux also have special dietary needs. Often times, these food intolerances require parents to shop at the more expensive health food stores. A gift certificate to their local health food store, or the closest Whole Foods Market could provide some much needed financial relief.

4)** Coupons for the Dry Cleaners**

Plain and simply, many babies with reflux spit up more times a day than most sleep deprived parents can even count. Giving the gift of dry cleaning would not only be helpful financially, but would also give the parents an excuse to let someone else take care of at least part of the reflux mess.

5)** Acid Reflux in Infants & Children**

This book is a practical guide for parents, caregivers, and health care providers, edited by me and my husband. It is simple to read, and contains the latest information about reflux, written by experts in the field. The book is available for $19.95 and can be ordered at

Each of these gifts will let your friends in a potentially difficult situation know you have taken the time to become familiar with their struggles and really want to help this holiday season.

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.
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