Five Minute Meditation

Health Writer

'Tis the be be be rushed.

With the many tasks to be accomplished each day and the holiday season rushing by, we all feel more stress than during other times of the year. Meditation can take only a few minutes each day and can make you feel more relaxed.

Meditation is not difficult but sometimes takes practice and patience. At first, it may be hard to clear your mind and allow yourself to relax, but when practiced on a daily basis, it becomes easier and can provide many benefits.

The first step in meditation is to find a quiet and comfortable spot to sit or lie down.

You can close your eyes or some people prefer to focus on something, such as a spot across the room while meditating.

Clear your mind of outside thoughts. This is the most difficult part of meditation. One way of doing this is to focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly, thinking about each breathe as you take it. If it helps, continue to repeat "in" and "out" as you breathe.

As other thoughts creep in, acknowledge the thought and then let it go. Do not allow yourself to feel guilty about not clearing your mind or having thoughts come in your mind. Just let the thought go and continue to focus on your breathing.

Set aside a few minutes each day or several times per week to meditate. As you continue to practice, you will get better and clearing your mind will become easier.

Keep your meditation up throughout the year so that next holiday season you will be ready to take time each day to relax. Daily meditation not only helps you to relax but can make you feel better all day long and increase your enjoyment of this holiday season.