Five California children infected with polio-like virus

Within a year, five children in California have developed a polio-like illness that caused severe weakness and paralysis in their limbs, according to a recent case study.

Entovirus-68, an extremely rare virus that was first reported in Asia and Australia, was found in two of the five California children. Like polio, this virus can, in rare cases, invade and injure the spine. Most people who get the virus, however, experience only respiratory symptoms.

Researchers think that the virus may have had a higher circulation in California because it was originally found in Asia.

Though researchers could not identify the cause of muscle weakness and paralysis in the other three children, that likely was because they saw the children too far after they had been infected and the virus was no longer present. They say it could have been enterovirus, or perhaps another virus.

The researchers said that all five children had been vaccinated against polio. In addition, though the kids were treated, they have not improved much and continue to have muscle weakness and paralysis.

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Sourced from: livescience, 5 California Children Infected by Polio-Like Illness