Five years of life spent worrying

The stresses of modern life may be taking more of a toll on your health than your realize.  A British study found that the average person worries about something for a total of two hours each day, adding up to about 5.2 years of life simply spent worrying.  The reasons for the anxiety? Participants in the study mentioned mounting debt, lack of savings, health or body image issues, job security and relationship doubts, to name a few.

Most people, according to the report, had some kind of worry occupying their mind at least 125 days over the last year and 45 percent of those involved in the study sensed that their anxiety had a negative impact on their health.  Which is no surprise since the findings also noted that these  worries caused sleepless nights, lost confidence, reduced appetite, difficulty concentrating at work and distance from partners.

The good news is that 32 percent of the people in the study reported talking to their doctor about their stress and seeking professional help.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Worry- Two Hours A Day Lost To Stress Of Modern Life