Five-day severe headache?

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5 day severe headache and has been taking medication for blood pressure, thyroid and serotonin for last 4 years.

My mother was diagnosed with depression triggered blood pressure. Doctor diagnosed her with low levels of serotonin hormone. She showed symptoms of sleeplessness, depression, high BP, severe headaches. Following 2 yr medication her condition stabilized. Five days back her BP shot up and she was hospitalized for 2 yrs. Doctors brought down her BP with medicine but gradually she developed a headache which could not go. The headache worsened in the lst two days and she can't lift her head, its so severe. She stays in a place where there are not enough assessment options and needs to travel at least 10 hrs for a medical help. ALL MIGRAINE MEDICINES HAVE STOPPED HELPING HER. WHAT COULD THIS BE AND WHAT SHOULD WE DO? Nanda.


Dear Nanda;

As much as we'd like to help, the only advice we can give you is to call her doctor immediately or take her to the emergency room. Nobody can diagnose this online. It may or may not be Migraine. Headaches, quite severe ones at that, can be caused by blood pressure issues or over 100 other medical issues. So it's important that her known health issues be looked at carefully and that she be examined for any additional issues.

It's important to be sure her thyroid and blood pressure are well controlled. I'm not sure what you mean by medication for serotonin. Do you mean daily antidepressants, most of which affect serotonin levels, or are you talking about Migraine abortive medications that impact the serotonin levels?

With so many problems with her blood pressure, it could be quite helpful for her to be able to take her blood pressure at home This is also something to discuss with her doctor.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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