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New and innovative products tend to fascinate me, especially those that can be help to people with Migraine and other headache disorders. When they work well for me, that's a victory.

Photophobia is a huge issue for me - not just when I have a Migraine, but between Migraines as well. Taking my ophthalmologist's advice, I by optical quality, dark gray sunglasses whenever my prescription changes. They're great when I'm outdoors, but my ophthalmologist has warned me not to wear them indoors. He told me that wearing sunglasses indoors will make the photophobia worse over time. Not only that, but when we wear dark glasses, our pupils dilate. If we wear dark glasses indoors, when we go outdoors, the sunlight hits dilated pupils. That's an issue both because of photophobia and because exposure to bright sunlight without proper protection increase the risk of developing macular degeneration.

For day #22 in our 30 Days of Gratitude, I share with you my joy at the development of and gratitude for FL-41 lenses. The FL-41 tint has been shown to help many people with photosensitivity, and can even help prevent some Migraines triggered by light. _ Axon Optics_ and TheraSpecs are both good. If you want to try them, I'd suggest choosing which frames you prefer.

Ellen and I both find that a gratitude journal helps us maintain our emotional equilibrium when it seems that everything in our lives is conspiring to bring us down. We also find that it helps to share with each other. That's one reason we want to share with you, our Migraine and headache family.

Would you like to join us? It's easy to keep a gratitude journal, and you're always welcome to share any of it here in our community. Journals can be handwritten or kept on your computer. To share here, you can create a SharePost of your own, or you can post comments to our posts.

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