Do Flavored Waters With Splenda Raise Blood Sugars


Asked by Char

Do Flavored Waters With Splenda Raise Blood Sugars

I was wondering what my bloodsugar levels should be in the morning before breakfast. MIne are sometimes pretty high and will go down the min I eat. but was wondering that drinking flavored water with splenda might be the reason. thank you char


Hi there,

If the Total Carbohydrate count on a flavored water is 0 then no, it won't raise your blood sugar. Most flavored waters use something like Splenda as a sweetener so they will not impact your blood sugar.

However, keep in mind that anything "sugar-free" that also contains caffeine CAN raise your blood sugar because it blunts your sensitivity to insulin, so you may need to take insulin with something like coffee even if you only flavored it with Splenda.

Here's an article on sugar-substitutes like aspartame.


Answered by Ginger Vieira