Can Flexeril and Neurontin Be Taken Together?


Asked by packattack

Can Flexeril and Neurontin Be Taken Together?

I take hydrocodone daily for a herniated disk along with flexeril at night. I also take zoloft for depression. Now my doctor wants me to take neurontin as well to help with the pain that travels along the nerves down my arm and across my back....Is all this safe?


I'm going to give you the link to the drug interaction checker page for these drugs. Several of these drugs have 'moderate' interactions with each other (zoloft is involved in most). The kind of interaction noted - central nervous system depression - is a common one and people frequently take drugs with this kind of interaction. On the other hand, you are taking a lot of drugs.

Symptoms caused by taking too many of these drugs can include drowsiness, lack of alertness, sleepiness, etc. and if you experience these or having any other concerns you should talk to your doctor or pharmacist.,758-386,1147-677,2057-1348

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