Floater In The Eyes


Asked by davidtbrown

Floater In The Eyes

Here for the past 2 months i have had lots of floaters. Is that a part of a relapse? Also how common are headaches with multiple sclerosis? I seem to get them every day for a week before i start feeling bad. Am new to this site and thankful for this site


Hi David,

As Vicki shared, headaches are very common with MS and visual disturbances are common with MS. However, floaters can occur in anybody especially as a part of aging or if you are nearsighted. I happen to be very much nearsighted and started getting floaters that were really noticeable and permanent (although appear fleeting) in my teen years. Here is some information about floaters.

In relationship to MS relapse, I have experienced an increased presence of floaters clouding up my vision. The extra visual problems came on a little slowly, starting with the appearance of looking through wavy glass. This was not the typical type of optic neuritis which causes pain upon eye movement (I've had that before too). But it was definitely an earlier sign of a relapse coming on.

With floaters (which often are there to stay) you must be cautious of flashes of light which can signify possible retina detachment. This was the warning I had heard since high school. When you are having problems with your vision (even if they are "normal" problems), it is time to see the opthalmologist.

I recommend that you keep a notebook with your symptoms and concerns so that when you see your neurologist (or any other doctor) you can inform them as to what has been going on with you. What symptoms you have developed, how long to they last, what seems to start them, and what seems to make them go away...

And, btw, welcome to MS Central. Glad to have you here.

Answered by Lisa Emrich