Flomax Side Effects: Are There Alternatives? - Ask the Expert

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Dear Dr. Motola,** I have been taking Flowmax and it has improved my urine flow, but I've been experiencing some side effects - sluggishness, dizziness, etc. - that I think may outweigh the benefits.**** It seems there should be a procedure that could be applied in the urethra to be absorbed into the prostate without having the all-over body side effects. Have you heard of any medication or procedure that might treat an enlarged prostate in a more focused way--for example, an injectable urethral med to reduce enlargement of prostate?**

The side effects that you are experiencing with Flomax are commonly experienced. It may be worthwhile to ask your doctor about taking Uroxatral in lieu of the Flomax, since the side effects may not be as severe or not occur at all. Uroxatrol is a more selective alpha-blocker and the side effects tend to be less common than those seen with Flomax.

Various minimally invasive therapies are available to treat prostatic enlargement including microwaves and laser therapies. In an upcoming SharePost I will discuss the benefits of these various therapies.

There has also been some preliminary work that looks at the feasibility, safety and efficacy of the injection of ethanol into the prostate. Early studies describe this as being very safe and efficacious although the long-term results have not yet been reported.