Giant mosquitoes likely to infest Florida

Imagine mosquitoes as big as a quarter and having a bite that’s been described as feeling like you’ve been stabbed.  That’s what may be in store for residents and visitors to Florida this summer, according to experts from the University of Florida. The pests, known as gallinippers, made an appearance in the state last year after flooding from Tropical Storm Debbie caused their dormant eggs to hatch.

They lay their eggs in soft soil near bodies of water, but the eggs can lie dormant for years.  Rising water, however, can cause them to become active and hatch and scientists expect that to happen again this year.

In addition to their large size, the gallinippers are particularly aggressive and are less deterred by the common insect repellent DEET than smaller mosquitoes.

On the positive side, these particular insects do not carry any disease that would affect  humans or animals, and human activity doesn’t increase the gallinipper’s population.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Giant Mosquitoes Likely To Infest Florida This Summer