Food Allergy Safety Tips for Dining Out


Using a 25-question survey, researchers looked at the tactics members of a food allergy network use before eating in restaurants. They found that people with food allergies who take 15 preventive measures are most likely to avoid serious allergic reactions while dining out, and those who take an average of six measures are more likely to experience serious allergic reactions.

The most common preventive strategies are:

  • Speaking to waiter about their food allergies on arrival at the restaurant (80 percent)
  • Ordering food made with simple ingredients (77 percent)
  • Double-checking food before eating (77 percent)
  • Avoiding restaurants with a higher likelihood of contamination (74 percent)
  • Reviewing ingredients on the restaurant website (72 percent)

Others include:

  • Carrying a personal allergy card
  • Avoiding restaurant dining
  • Eating at chain restaurants only
  • Dining out at off-peak hours

Sourced from: American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology