Food Company Warns About Its Product

We’re accustomed to warnings from tobacco and alcohol manufacturers, who want us to use their products “responsibly” (but also often, we suspect). Now you can add to that list Mars Food’s Dolmio brand pasta sauces and macaroni and cheese. The company plans to recommend that customers eat it only once a week.


Similar warnings will accompany some products under the Uncle Ben’s and Masterfoods labels, as well.

And it’s not a marketing scheme attempting to employ reverse psychology. (Admit it, that was your first thought, wasn’t it?)

What then? They say it’s so their customers can eat a balanced diet -- in spite of the fact that they admit their food item has high levels of salt, sugar and fat. It’s all very socially responsible -- to a point.

The policy comes as part of a larger initiative by the privately owned U.S. food company to encourage healthier eating at a time when large food multinationals, or “Big Food,” are coming under fire for fueling the growing worldwide obesity epidemic.

It’s notable that this plan does not extend to Mars' chocolate or other candy businesses. Those brands include M&M's, Snickers and Starburst. So it seems we candy-lovers can continue to go about feeding our sweet-teeth, blissfully unaware of any harmful effects or limiting consumption -- whew, that was close!

Sourced from: Reuters, Mars Food tells customers to go easy on the pasta sauce