Foot Pain - Felt/heard Pop..


Asked by oouter

Foot Pain - Felt/heard Pop..

About 5 months ago, i was walking up the ramp into our server room, and i felt/heard a pop in my foot, and ever since then, i've been having periodic pain in the same spot. If im running around too much, sometimes i'll get a burning pain on the ball of my foot, on the side closest to my big toe..

Also, sometimes it has an aching pain.. With either pain, i can massage it, and the pain will go away for a while.. I really think i pulled a tendon or a muscle.. any information would be appreciated.


Sometimes plantar fasciitis announces itself with a pop. In plantar fasciitis the ligament reaching from the heel to the ball of the foot becomes injured, inflamed and painful. Usually the pain is worse in the morning and feels better after one has been walking a bit. Plantar fasciitis is mostly associated with heel pain, though, and if yours occur in the front of your foot (the ball) you probably have something else.

Containing over 20 bones and 100 muscles, ligaments and nerves the foot is extremely complicated. Perhaps since the pop in Plantar fasciitis and your injury sounds similar you did injure one of the ligaments in the front of your foot. If that's so you might want to try some of the over the counter treatments recommended for plantar fasciitis.

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