Fosteum - Does It Work? Is It Safe?


Asked by Jo

Fosteum - Does It Work? Is It Safe?

When I was first diagnosed w/ osteo, I tried Fossamax. After 2 doses, I was sick for a month. Terrible upper GI problems. I stopped taking it and my dr. recommended Boniva. I fought him on that since I got sick from the once weekly form of the meds. I went off to see a underlying issues. I decided to go the natural route...upping every vitamin and mineral known to improve BMD. I increased my weight bearing exercise (I'm already a fitness instructor). I even ran a marathon this year. My last scan showed an additional 5% loss in my spine. Went off to another osteoporosis specialist in Boston. A few more tests and still no underlying causes. And, I have no history of fractures...even got some full xrays of my spine. This latest doctor is recommending reclast (the once a year infusion). I read about some terrible side effects and I'm scared to try it because it's from the same class of meds as the one I got sick from. I am hypersensitive to any medications...I don't even like to take asprin! I have tried to stay as healthy as possible to just avoid any type of illness. If I get a hang nail I'm in pain - lol! The side effects of reclast scare the life out of me. I've been doing some research on Fosteum and it looks intriguing. I would love to hear if anyone has had adverse effects or if they have found it effective. My new dr. is scaring me by saying if I don't do something now, I won't have enough bone for meds to work in the future. I'm 49 years old...went through menopause in my early 40's...and I have the bones of an 80 year old. My follow up with my dr. is next week. Any insight will be helpful!


Hi again Jo: Glad we could help. Please let us know how it goes with your Dr. and if you have anymore questions or tips, just repost to keep us updated. Glad you find that we provide usuable/helpful information - that truly makes my day!

Take Care and Good Luck with your treatment. I hope you had a chance to read the links, since they had a "lot" of information about Fosteum, especially the interview I did with Dr. Armbruster, and I found her comments on the supposed contraindications with thyroid disorders and soy to be very informative plus it made a lot of sense to only use fermented soy and not the unfermented. Apparently, her use of it, and by the way she NO LONGER works for the manufacturer of the medicinal food (Fosteum), has not caused any problems with her treatment of her thyroid, due to the type of soy used. I know others taking this, and haven't heard any negative stories, but keep in mind these are anecdotal remarks and aren't back by a per-review study. The interview I posted with Dr. Maryann Armbruster, was about her involvment in the clinical trial where they saw great resuts, but keep in mind we all react differently, but hopefully you'll be one of those who does fantastic!


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Answered by Pam Flores